Sunday, December 13, 2015

Look #53: Christmas Without Elves isn't Christmas At All


Christmas Elves are not such the dowdy creatures everyone thinks they are. In fact, female Christmas Elves are very fashionable. Flippant makes a cute outfit for all you female elves called Corseted Elf.  There are many details and extra touches to this outfit that make it very stylish. 

First, there is the dress the top part being the corset.  It has feminine frills on the top and at the waist with bows.  The middle of the corset is an argyle pattern.  The skirt part of the dress is red and green strips that flare out a bit to make the dress flirty and fun.


The stockings and boots included with the outfit really complete it. The boots are low with a high heel and of course, as any elf will tell you, its the curl at the toe of the boot that makes it an Elf Boot. Nice detailing on the boot is the green edging at the top.  There is also other little touches included in the outfit like a green garter, a candy cane and a knit Santa hat (not pictured here). 

This is an outfit that any female Christmas elf can wear to Christmas parties and events.  I wore it to DJ at a Santa's Workshop event and it held out well to dancing. 

The Elf boots are also available as a group gift at Flippant as well.


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What I'm Wearing 

 Hands -Slink Hands Elegant 1
 Hair - Crissi Christmas Hair with Santa Hat [PPD]
 Shape - Lisa  [Amacci]
 Skin - Rayna (Olive) [Amacci]

 Dress/Boots/Garter/Candy Cane - Corsetted Elf  [Flippant]

- Holiday Set 2012 Necklace [Chaos Panic & Disorder]

  Eyes - Eye Tatoo Divine - Brown Lash  [Amacci]
  Lips - Get Lost Lips (
Red) [Glamorize]

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