Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Look #117: Oh My We Have Been Naughty


It's time for the Evil Bunny Hunt and I am happy to be a blogger for it.  This grid-wide hunt involves looking for either naughty or nice eggs in the participating stores. For the next few weeks I will be featuring hunt items both Naughty and Nice.

I am featuring two "Naughty" egg items.  One from Blashphemic and the other from Stone Misery.
The hunt item from Blasphemic is the Shen top.  This is a cute cropped halter top that has nice details.  It's black with silver piping and the bottom has a nice curved shape.  There are two thin straps that criss-cross across the cleavage.


The back of the Shen top plunges down beneath the shoulders and has a zipper with a sliver star zipper pull.  This top comes in a tattoo system layer for standard bodies and appliers for TMP and Omega for mesh bodies.


I decided to pair the Shen top with a pair of leggings and some shoes from Blasphemic to make an awsome outfit.  The leggings and shoes are not hunt items but they are availble for purchase at Blasphemic.   The Eve Latex Pants are low-rise leggings that have a wide band at the top with rivet holes and a silver buckle.  The legs end just above the ankles which makes them the perfect leggings to wear with heels.   These pants come in the underpant system layer for standard bodies and appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP and Omega.


The heels I chose from Blashphemic are the Leena heels.  They are basic black pumps with a high stiletto heel.  They have an awesome wide band at the ankles with silver rivets and chains dropping down behind the heels  The Leena Heels are made for Slink high feet.

One of the other "Naughty" hunt items is from Stone Misery, a prefab and furniture store.  It's the Urban Grounds BDSM pillory. This is made of worn wood and has a sign hanging on it that is changeable to five other titles besides the one that is shown here (This is the tame title).  There is one singles pose (shown here) and six poses for couples.  It even comes with a folder of toys.  Very Naughty!


The Evil Bunny Hunt

The Evil Bunny is back for the 6th year and has been very busy spreading chaos, stealing eggs and being, well, evil. Follow his devious trail of nice and naughty eggs but beware of that carrot, is it ink or blood, we don't know as he's very tricky and quick. That fluffy tail isn't as cute as you might think.  The hunt starts on April 3rd and ends on April 30th

For a list of the participating stores and hints visit

Relevant Links

 In-World - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Favellas/46/190/4047
 Market Place - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/113878

Stone Misery Prefabs & Furniture for the Evil Bunny Hunt
EGG: Naughty  HINT: (Teleport to "Scenery" first) Twinkle twinkle...

What I'm Wearing

 Mesh Body - Lara [Maitreya]
 Shape - Lisa  [Amacci]
 Skin - Heidi Natural/Dark Tan [Lara Hurley Skin]
 Eyes - Lovely Eyes - Chocolate[Insufferable Dastard

 Hair - Fool for Love [Magika]

 Top - Shen Top [Blasphemic for The Evil Bunny Hunt] EGG: Naughty  HINT: Help me Doctor!!!!!
 Pants - Mortisha Leggings  [Blasphemic]
 Heels - Leena Heels [Blasphemic]

 Necklace - Hespride - Black [LouLou&Co
 Bracelet - Apocalypse  [LouLou&Co

- Glamour Eyes - Thora [La Boheme]
  Lips - Brown Lips - Dark Tan  [Lara Hurley Skin]

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