Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More Womenstuff Hunt Items


The WomenStuff Hunt

The WomenStuff Hunt is a grid-wide hunt of 150 stores that belong to the WomenStuff Group.  There's still plenty of time to check out the hunt as it runs until August 30.  The item being searched for is a small red t-shirt.

Here are five awesome hunt items with the SURL's to the stores and the hunt hints.

Happy Hunting!


Hunt Item: Tao
Designer: Sweet Temptations

Description:  A black and white vest with a black band top underneath and black leather pants. The vest is made for the five standard mesh sizes as well as fitmesh and Maitreya.  The pants and band top are worn via applier HUD for Omega and Maitreya

Hint: Maybe it's a good idea to touch the board and get the group


Hunt Item: Belinda Black Dress
Designer: RaDeX Design

Description:  A little black dress with double straps. There is a swirly glittery pattern on the dress.  The Belinda Black Dress is made for the five standard mesh sizes.  It fits great on my Maitreya Mesh body.

Hint: Zara has teeshirts underfoot


Hunt Item: Night Out Leather Pants
Designer: Grumble

Description:  These are basic skinny legged leather black pants. They have a wide band at the waistline, two zippered pockets on the left side and one zippered pocket on the right side.  They are made for five standard mesh sizes, Maitreya and Slink.

Hint: Who let the dogs out


Hunt Item: Angel Dress
Designer: Furtacor

Description:  A very pretty satin dress with a pink cherry tree pattern. The skirt of the dress is flared and has subtle pleats.  The Angel Dress is made for fitted classic, Ebody, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass/Physique

Hint: Behind the closet hides the treasure.

Hunt Item: PC Nail Polish Summer Flower
Designer: Pink Cherry

Description:  This is a nail applier with eight patterns made up of solid color backgrounds with flowers.  The nail applier is for Slink only.

Hint: Look left in our main store

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