Sunday, October 25, 2015

Look #34: The Story of the Dark Contessa


The Dark Contessa lives in the castle up on a hill. It is said that she was born a peasant girl and owes her status to the Spyder Queen.  One day, so the story goes, when she was 18 she was out in the forest looking for sticks and twigs with which to use as fire kindling.  She came across the Spyder Queen who had been trapped in a fine net by several boys who were beginning to throw stones at her.  The peasant girl stopped the boys and after they fled she removed the net from the Spyder Queen.  The Spyder Queen was so grateful she granted the girl one wish. The peasant girl wished for the Conte to marry her.  She had seen him from afar and thought him the most handsome man in all the land. The wish came true and that's why the Dark Contessa always pays respect to spiders. She sometimes even has visits in the night by her friend the Spyder Queen.

This elegant gown from Flippant is the favorite of the Contessa. It has a great silhouette and fits perfectly. She is quite striking and graceful when she wears it!  To complete the outfit there are some fabulous spider shoes, a necklace and ear cuffs

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What I'm Wearing 

 Hands -Slink Hands Elegant 1
 Hair - Eden [Truth]
 Shape - Lisa  [Amacci]
 Skin - Rayna (Olive) [Amacci]

  Dress/Shoes/Necklace/Ear Cuffs: Dark Contessa [Flippant]

liner -Langly-eyeliner #2 [Oceane]
  Lips - Creme Lips
tick - Harlot [Alaskametro]

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