Saturday, April 16, 2016

Look #124: Party People in the Club


For this blog post I have put together a fun outfit for clubbing. What better way to show it off by taking photos at an awesome club I discovered.

This fabulous outfit starts with a fun top.  The Underworld Shirt is from Grumble and is available at the Dark Side Fashion Fair. It is basically a corset with a thin nylon see through top and sleeves.  It has a thin band at the neck with studs and studs around the top edge of the corset part. There are four different versions of this top available (see below) and it is made for the shirt system layer and Omega Applier for mesh bodies.

The leggings I chose to pair with this cute top are from Blasphemic.  The Mortisha leggings combine two different materials to create a very cool pair of leggings.  The top part is leather with a zipper.  This part ends on a horizontal slant and the rest of the leggings are lightweight nylon material.  I love the way they fit and they look great with a pair of heels.    The Mortisha Leggings are mesh and made for  five fitmesh sizes, Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.  They are available in black, blue, brown, pink, purple and red.  These leggings can go with just about anythings and should be an inventory staple.


The heels I am wearing coordinate with the top and really finish off this outfit nicely.  The Devious Heels are from Grumble and like the top can be found at the Dark Side Fashion Fair.  The pattern on the main part of the heels matches the top I am wearing.  How cool is that!  The back of the heel is a solid black leather piece that laces up.  These heels have a very distinctive look and they are made for Slink High feet.


Like I mentioned before, the Underworld Top and Devious Heels can be found at the Dark Side Fashion Fair.  There are four different versions of the top and three different versions of the heels that have matching patterns to three of the tops.


After I put this outfit together I envisioned wearing it at a club.  I did a search to find a cool club that plays Electronic music.  I found the eSound Dance Park in the Second Life Destination Guide.  When I arrived I was awed by how huge the place was.  It turns out that this place is still a work in progress but when finished will have six different dance floors each playing a different type of electronic music.  There is also a huge main dance floor with a great atmosphere where they currently hold events.  It is group access only during the week while they are working on the club but open for anyone on the weekends.  I encourage anyone who likes Electronic music to check it out. 

The Dark Side Fashion Fair

An Evil Bunny Productions shopping event featuring over 80 of Second Life's best designers.  Which side are you- good or evil? Maybe a little of both?  All designers will have an exclusive design available only at the event and a $10L gift in their shop. A gacha fair will also be on-site for you to buy for yourself or gift/trade with others.  The Dark Side Fashion event started April 9 and runs until April 30.

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 Market Place -

The Dark Side Fashion Fair

Photos take at eSound Dance Park

 What I'm Wearing

 Mesh Body - Lara [Maitreya]
 Shape - Lisa  [Amacci]
 Skin - Heidi Natural/Dark Tan [Lara Hurley Skin]
 Eyes -
Perspective Eyes - Scoria [IKON]   
 Hair -
Kera [Truth @The Epiphany]


 Top - Underworld Shirt - Black [Grumble @Darkside Event]
Leggings -Mortisha Legging [Blasphemic]
 Heels - Devious Heels [Grumble @Darkside Event]

 Necklace - Briget's Faith Heart [Maxi Gossamer]

 Earrings - Skelly Earrings - Silver [Yummy]
 Bracelet -  Eternal Life Bracelet  [Yummy]


 Eyeliner - Intense Mesh Eyeliner  [Oceane]
 Eyes - Jade Eyeshadow 03 [Slack Girl]
 Lips -Creme Lipstick -
Matte Puce [La Boheme]

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